About us

We are an design and operations consultancy with a wealth of experience in Engineering, Hospitality and Property management. 

We love using these diverse skills in order to solve problems which will reduce costs and increase your customer satisfaction

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End to end design and operations consultancy


We believe that if you have a happy team and healthy building then the great customer reviews will soon follow!


We can visualise solutions for you and your team to take the risk out of the decision making and give the best solution for your customers 


Data is critical, however without the analysis its useless. We want to give your team  intuitive tools to reduce energy waste


We love a challenge - whatever the project we are happy to help from conceptual options through to full project execution


Leisure Design

Pods and Water parks

  • We work with clients to develop new products and stay ahead of their competition

  • We use CAD to visualise the potential solutions, refine the design and create the production drawings and reports.

Recent Projects


We take care to understand your existing procedures as every team and environment are different.

We check that your doing the fundamentals efficiently to ensure you have the capacity for improvement and expansion.

We help implement low cost solutions for a range of issues such as Housekeeping, Cashing up, Communication, Health and Safety, Training, Maintenance, Suppliers, Energy use.

If your operations are running smoothly and your property and team are happy then the positive reviews will soon follow



We can work with your team to visualise options which simplify the decision making process.

We use various CAD packages to take ideas from conceptual design, to quotation, production and installation drawings. 

We have vast experience designing with a range of materials including; steel, wood, GRP, concrete and fabrics. 


Energy Insight

Smart Meters, Automatic Meter readers and Sub Meters are an essential first step in energy saving. However, the true value comes when your whole team can engage and react to the data.

This is where we come in, we will analyse your data and provide targets, suggestions, alerts and reports for your whole team.

We can also help get the message to your customers and put you in contact with organisations who can help with renewables feasibility and development grants to help us all hit the 2030 and 2050 targets.